The peerless support of the world is the great Jarung Kashor (Boudhanath) stupa, which is indivisible from the wisdom of all triumphant buddhas throughout the three times. Erected during the earlier time when the great Khenpo Bodhisattva Shantarakshita, the great master Padmasambhava and the great Dharma King Trisong Deutsen were on the path of training, it is the exceptional support of the perfect accomplishment of their blessed aspirations.  Presently, since it was slightly damaged by earthquakes, many lamas, tulkus and sublime spiritual guides who profoundly enact beneficial activity for the vast ocean of dharma teachings and sentient beings supported by this great stupa have taken tremendous responsibility for restoring it.  They worked to repair the damage over a period of several months and arranged the inner supports, mantras and related preparations.  Especially during this month the monasteries in the area toiled hard to consecrate all of the mantras being offered to fill the stupa.  Now based upon the perfect completion of this work, today on the very special occasion of Lhabab Duchen Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche and Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Yangsi Rinpoche, the masters of ceremony, together with lamas, tulkus, and sangha from all four major Tibetan Buddhist lineages performed the ritual ceremonies for offering the life-pillar (central axis) and dharani-mantras to the precious stupa.






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